Top 10 Road Trip Travel Tips

Life on the road still needs a night’s restful sleep. Road warriors aka business travellers share their habits for staying sharp and successful…

1. Always mix and match. Pack a travelling wardrobe with a similar colour tone and style. This will ensure you avoid the headache of mix and clash. Instead, you will look fresh each day by changing one or two items. Include some dark colours to hide any unforeseen marks or stains.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask. How often have you travelled for a presentation and awoke to find your computer has quit or the PowerPoint is gobbledegook? Did you know that your nearest human help is reception? For a quick win try your hosts first.

3. Polish your shoes, scruffy shoes can broadcast an image that you are inattentive or untidy in your work.

4. When packing your cloths, place the heavier items at the bottom of your bag this will help to reduce creasing of your lighter pieces of clothing.

5. Why not stay the night before your meeting? A comfortable night’s rest after a long trip will have you on your toes and ready for anything or anyone.

6. If your meeting is on the day you arrive, take an early check-in option so you can freshen up and prepare for your meeting.

7. When traveling a long distance to your meeting wear dressy casual attire, but not jeans or t-shirt. It’s important to be comfortable while traveling but neatly dressed so you can quickly attend business meetings on arrival.

8. Nothing beats a comfortable bed. Just knowing that a good night’s sleep is guaranteed, will make all the difference on a busy road trip. So plan ahead whenever possible. A good accommodation makes a positive contribution, in so many feel-at-home ways.

9. Make yourself at home. That’s not easy when you have an appointment book full of confirmations, but if you choose your accommodation carefully you can find that inner peace. A favourite TV show. A soothing cup of tea. You’ll stay grounded, and maintain your winning edge.

10. Kiss technology goodnight to grab meaningful zzzz’s. Go into settings on your smartphone or laptop and engage ‘Do Not Disturb’. Quality, undisturbed sleep comes easy, minus beeps and bongs. Respond to messages over breakfast, as you fuel up for the business day.