Robert Timms coffee is Golden Chain’s preferred coffee brand.

Boasting a rich heritage, Robert Timms is one of Australia’s longest running coffee brands. Having created a “Royal Special” blend specifically for Queen Elizabeth II on her royal visit in 1954 and as the official coffee supplier at the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956 and again over 40 years later in 2000 for the Sydney Olympic Games, you’ll be in good company when drinking a cup of Richard Timms coffee. More recently, Robert Timms was the coffee of choice to serve to over 5000 people for a fund raising event for the McGrath Foundation.

Since 1951, the Robert Timms brand never fails to roast and blend fresh coffee. Amazingly, the team personally tastes every roast before it is packaged for sale so you are always guaranteed with the best quality. Strict colour and temperature guidelines are always met by the process of cupping to ensure the freshest and most aromatic coffee. The wide range includes roasted coffee beans, roast and ground coffee, coffee bags, coffee mixes and granulated and freeze dried coffee.

Many Golden Chain accommodation venues across Australia provide tea and coffee making facilities with Robert Timms coffee as our preferred supplier. Having a familiar and loved coffee brand to greet you throughout your travels will help you feel at ease and at home in between destinations and on a busy itinerary, leaving you less thing to worry about.