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Comfy Importance

Attention to the small details are the hallmarks of any Golden Chain stay. From the hosts who knew your name along with their attentive staff.

The ambience and freshness of your room. Where you feel at home because everything about the bed is quality – it could be a  SleepMaker.

The linen and pillows were chosen for comfort. The cleanliness of your bathroom and fresh, fluffy towels. Curtains and blinds that respond to your touch.

Televison remotes and radio tuners that are not gobbledygook. You can even sit and login via WiFi in the majority of properties. Feel like a cup of coffee or tea?

Robert Timms make a great cuppa. If you have the room munchies any time of the day or night – grab a bowl of your favourite Kellogs. Because comfort is what keeps experienced travelers coming back to Golden Chain.

That and the golden moments every guest tucks away.