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Owners and operators of accommodation businesses in the 2.5 - 4.5 star sector including motels, hotels, resorts, tourist parks, serviced apartments etc are welcome to contact the team at Golden Chain in regards joining the group.

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What is Golden Chain?

Golden Chain is the largest single accommodation chain brand in Australia with over 200 properties. It also has properties in the South Pacific and South East Asia.

We are deserving of our reputation for the most consistent accommodation standards, in the medium to high-quality market segment. We continue to grow our extensive network of locations, thus expanding the many referral opportunities from property to property.

If you would like to know how simply and how economically you can join us in our enviable success story, we'd love to hear from you.

The Concept of the Co-Operative

Our success is no big mystery.  We have a very simple structure with very low overheads.  We can therefore charge very reasonable fees; and put a huge proportion of those fees into marketing, sales and advertising activities to generate bookings for your beds.

In the pursuit of excellence, Golden Chain has taken the co-operative chain concept, perfected a simple, back-to-basics formula and put together a package that has won for its members a high regard within the accommodation industry. 

To find reasons for Golden Chain's success we need only go back to the original philosophies of the hospitality co-operative:-

1. Take on a common identity

The "Golden Chain" name has very high levels of brand recognition and is well respected, both throughout the industry and by customers and you can take pride in its inclusion on and within your property.

2. Establish clearly defined and consistent standards

Of all the groups, Golden Chain is probably the most consistent - well represented in the medium to high quality standard categories, so customers know exactly what to expect.

3. Pool resources to establish a worthwhile budget

A relatively small contribution from a national network of operators with common interests can add up to a substantial amount and reach many more potential guests than you could ever hope to influence on your own.

4. Sell and undertake marketing optimally to the benefit of the members

By maintaining very streamlined systems and procedures, administrative costs are kept to a minimum such that the majority of member contributions are used effectively in sales, advertising, marketing and promotional activities.

The Problem

The Australian Accommodation industry continues to be very competitive, and it is becoming progressively harder for an independent property to be recognised, or for new properties to gain the necessary exposure.  The costs to an individual property wishing to promote to the major market sectors is extremely high in both dollars and time.

While Chain affiliation is able to offer the necessary exposure and marketing expertise, the costs associated with membership of some chains can be disproportionate to the benefits gained.  In other instances fees are so low as not to allow any significant budget with which to advertise or promote the group. 

The Solution

We have established a network of quality accommodation properties throughout Australia, and we continue our successful history of progressively expanding this base.  This has the effect of optimising the reciprocal referral opportunities for all Member properties.  We also provide highly effective sales, marketing and advertising support for our members - through an efficient organisational structure with a streamlined approach to systems, administration and service to Members.  Membership fees are therefore quite realistic and cost-effective.  We spend the majority of those fees in promoting the group, thus creating worthwhile business opportunities for our members.

It was Golden Chain that initiated the "back to basics" concept in co-operative accommodation chains.  We don't want to intrude on your own day to day systems and procedures other than some basic must do's.  We simply compliment your own marketing stance - with national coverage and referral opportunities you just couldn't afford on your own.  We then overlay that with the respected Golden Chain brand that confirms your quality levels of service and facilities.

85% of travellers prefer Chain-identified properties.

Widely recognised Golden Chain signage for instant reinforcement of the level of facilities/services provided and value for money.

Assured standards of facilities and services, eliminating guest uncertainty and adding confidence to their choice of a place to stay.

Pooled resources to create awareness and attract customers to the group and to individual properties.

Total emphasis on marketing and promotional activities - aimed at key segments of the Australian domestic travel market including:- Family, Holiday, Corporate and Government travellers.

A coordinated Golden Chain advertising, sales and promotional program:

  • Inclusion on the corporate website and booking engine which attracts over 15000 visits per month
  • Production and distribution of a quality travel accommodation guide
  • The use of online, outdoor, print and various other media from time to time

  • Innovative promotions, competitions and incentives
  • Direct customer promotions in over five thousand rooms every day
  • Extensive promotion and distribution of "Gold Link Travel Club” card
  • Mail, digital and social media promotion of the "Gold Link Travel Club" card
  • Representation at Holiday & Travel Shows, Trade & Industry Meetings, etc
  • No compulsory requirement for expensive computer and networking equipment and no cost of centralised computer or bureau service to reduce Member's contributions to marketing.
  • Toll-free telephone reservation system for absolute efficiency and optimum accuracy...incoming enquiries and bookings are always handled with care because you talk directly to the guest at your own front desk.
  • Recommended suppliers for goods and services;
  • Preferred purchasing arrangements; reduced merchant fees on credit cards; special insurance rates, etc.
  • Sharing of ideas, information and advice, to achieve more efficient and more profitable operations.
  • Social and business peer communication. Membership meetings which encourage the exchanging of ideas towards improved profits.
  • Higher resale values and lease values of your property.
  • An umbrella effect from all of the above, to permit you to place your own individual emphasis on promotion of the unique features of your property and the surrounding attractions.

The future is looking good for Golden Chain and its members!

If your property satisfies our quality requirements, you can become a member of our group and participate in the decisions that will have an impact on that future.

We have a consistent strategy for controlled growth and the maintenance of standards AND - we are totally committed to the cost-effective investment of the members' fees into programs that will optimise the business opportunities for members.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you, please send us an email and our National Sales Manager or one of our Board Members will contact you Contact Us Today

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Address: PO Box 5220 Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Phone: 02 9211 2377
TollFree: 1800 023 966

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