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Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s great scenic drives. Beginning one and a half hours from Melbourne the Great Ocean Road winds its way through the towns of Apollo Bay, Anglesea, Port Fairy, Torquay ending in Allansford. Along the way you will encounter such natural wonders as the Twelve Apostles, Great Otway National Park and the Erskine Falls.

Go surfing in Torquay the birth place of classic surf brands Quicksilver and Rip Curl. For the more adventurous the famed Bells Beach of the movie Point Break fame is close by.

On route the Great Otways National Park has some of Australia’s most stunning rain forest scenery. Be captivated by the ancient plant life, giant tree ferns, glow worms of the Melba Valley, breathtaking Erskine Falls and narrow valleys.

For those more artistically minded Anglesea offers a wealth of attractions.

  • Anglesea art walk is a 2.5 kilometre walk that takes in 6 mosaic art pieces
  • Anglesea Art Studios is a trail of local art studios open to the public by appointment or when a flag is flying outside a studio. Take the tour to get inside the artistic process.

The Twelve Apostles jut from the ocean to produce a spectacle like no other. Formed by the erosion of limestone cliffs starting 10 to 20 million years ago the Twelve Apostles are a must see for anyone visiting south west Victoria.

Take a stroll into the past with a visit to Port Fairy. A charming fishing village located near the end of the Great Ocean Road. Featuring streets lined with 19th century cottages, old stone churches, a vibrant local arts scene and the Port Fairy Folk festival, Port Fairy is the perfect way to end your Great Ocean Road adventure

Day 1 – Torquay to Apollo Bay – 94.4 kms, Approx 1 Hour 47 mins

Starting in Torquay the Great Ocean Road winds its way along the coast passing the iconic Bells Beach. Stop and catch a wave or have a surfing lesson. Torquay is located 5 minutes drive from Bells Beach and has a number of places that offer surfing lessons on Bells and surrounding beaches.

Moving on further down the coast, stop for a cultured day in Arty Anglesea. The Anglesea Art Studios Walk is a trail of working art galleries which accept visitors whenever the red flag is out front or by appointment with the gallery owner.

Outdoor adventures await when you visit Lorne located an easy half hour drive down the Great Ocean Road from Anglesea. Choose from a variety of spectacular walks situated within an easy drive of Lorne, including:

Allenvale Mill to Phantom Falls Walk

Won Wondah and Henderson Falls

Erskine River Track

Cora Lynn Cascades Walk

Cumberland River Walk

At the end of the day enjoy the warm welcome and relaxing atmosphere at the Apollo Bay Waterfront Inn.

Day 2 – Apollo Bay to Warrnambool

Setting out from Apollo Bay a visit to the Great Otway National Park is a must do for any visitor to the region. Located just 15 minutes drive from Apollo Bay discover impressive cascading waterfalls amongst the rainforest. The must see sights in the Great Otway National Park and surrounding areas include:

Lake Elizabeth

Hidden deep in the Otways, Lake Elizabeth is a tranquil lake which was formed over 50 years ago when the valley was flooded. The lake sits surrounded by dense woodland and the trucks of dead trees. Rise earlier to catch a glimpse of the platypus that call Lake Elizabeth home

Great Otway Lighthouse

Feel as though you are at the lighthouse at the end of the earth by taking a visit to the Great Otway Lighthouse, the oldest operating lighthouse in mainland Australia.

The gleaming white lighthouse sits on the towering cliffs of Cape Otway providing a warning of the treacherous seas below to passing vessels. Many ships have been wrecked and lives lost in the surrounding seas since the ocean was first navigated by boat.

Take a tour of the lighthouse and discover its fascinating history

The Otways Treetop Walk

Take in the magnificent flora and fauna of the Otways National Park with a tree top walk along a 600 metre walkway 25 metres above the forest floor. Operating in most weather conditions a shuttle bus leaves the visitor centre hourly.

The Otway Fly Zipline Tour

For those looking for adventure the Otway Fly Zipline Tour is a must do. Glide through the trees on a zip line suspended up to 30 metres above the forest floor. Tours run in almost all conditions with a specialist tour guide providing training and interesting insights into the surrounding rainforest.

The Twelve Apostles

Located an easy 15 minutes drive from Port Campbell the Twelve Apostles are a true wonder of nature. The towering limestone formations rise from the sea floor to stand majestically at a height of up to 46 metres (150 metres). Formed by the effects of wind and roaring seas over 10 to 20 million years The Twleve Apostles provide a spectacle like no other. At sunrise and sunset view The 12 Apostles change colour with the rising and fading of the light.

London Bridge

London Bridge is an impressive natural feature formed from the erosion of the limestone cliffs by the rough seas and strong winds that are an ever present feature of the region. Carved from limestone London Bridge is an arch that holds two tall rock features together.

Port Fairy

Port Fairy is located an easy half hour drive from Warrnambool. A picturesque fishing town with 19th century cottages and stone churches Port Fairy’s streets are filled with boutiques and antique stores. Sure to satisfy the keenest shopper. When it comes time to relax Port Fairy has a wide selection of bars, cafes and restaurants.

After a fun filled day full of all the activities that the Great Ocean Road has to offer come an enjoy a warm welcome at the Gateway Motor Inn Warrnambool, Portside Motel Port Campbell or the Gateway Motel Port Fairy