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Golden Chain is an all-Australian accommodation chain and with around 250 locations throughout Australia, it has more than any other accommodation brand. We also have over ninety locations in New Zealand as well as several locations in Bali, Norfolk Island Vanuatu.

Our independent owner/operators are dedicated to providing quality facilities, friendly hospitality and who want you to enjoy the time you spend with Golden Chain.

Being an Australian owned organisation, with profits going straight back into the co-operation of members, guests can be assured that they are supporting a business which supports Australians and has Australia’s interests at heart.

Our Brands

Golden Chain is a classic Australian brand that represents safety, cleanliness, comfort and family- friendly service. Its accessible
locations provide convenient solutions to families, seniors and corporates and range from 3 to 4 star level.

Golden Chain Platinum has recently been added to the network with over thirty locations. Platinum members display a higher standard of
accommodation, generally around the 3.5 to 4.5 star level.

Click here for a list of Golden Chain Platinum locations.

Golden Chain Standards

In addition to being proudly Australian and having more locations throughout Australia than any other, we are also most protective of our consistent standards, ranging from medium to high quality in all of our establishments. The majority of our properties are rated independently by Star Ratings Australia.

You can expect whenever you choose to stay with a Golden Chain member property you will be assured of excellent value-for-money in that particular destination.

You be the judge

Our independent owner operators look forward to extending to you our own special family style hospitality. Accordingly, during your stay, please bring to their attention any items that may need attention or not meet with your approval, plus any personal requirements, so they can be attended to immediately.

If you would like to feedback on any aspect of Golden Chain, please contact us at

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

The Golden Chain team